Call for Papers - Young Scholars School "European Identity"

The first Young Scholars School promoted by our ECPR Standing Group "Identity" will be held from 17 to 23 March 2013 at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany. The school entitled "European Identity: Concepts - Research Methods - Evidence" is directed to excellent PhD students and post-docs working on different aspects of European identity. Applications are invited from young scholars in the fields of Political Science, EU-Studies, International Relations and Comparative Politics, as well as fields of other social sciences such as Sociology, Social-Psychology and Mass Communication.

The Call for Papers can be found here.

For further information please visit the school's website:

 Young Scholars School

Section proposal for the ECPR’s 7th General Conference accepted

Section proposal “Politics and Identity” has been accepted as part of the Academic Programme for the ECPR’S 7th General Conference hosted by Sciences Po, Bordeaux (4-7 September 2013)

Section Chair:

Viktoria Kaina (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany)

Section Co-Chair:

Ireneusz Karolewski (University of Wroclaw, Poland)


The more we seek to understand the causes and consequences of social change for politics, the more the dual character of identity as both an individual and collective phenomenon has proven to open up new perspectives in political science research. Based on the scholarly network of the ECPR Standing Group ‘Identity’, the section will focus on the significance of social and political identities in eight main areas:

  • collective identity as a variable for political science research – problems of conceptualization and measuring
  • political identity as a key factor in state formation and state failure
  • political identity as a relevant variable for international cooperation and regional integration
  • the (missing) link between collective identity and the persistence of political systems
  • the relevance of collective identities for institutional change and shifting political behaviour
  • the rise of new ‘identity questions’ due to social and political change from within and outside individual nation-states (e.g. the internationalization and globalization of economy, politics and culture, the technological progress, the diffusion of the internet and spread of mass communication, the demographic clash and transformation of labour)
  • identity building and identity conflicts: comparisons of different collective identities including ethnic, religious and post-national identities
  • identity politics of the present – identity politics of the past

Scholars are invited to propose panels which promise new insights and fresh ideas based on empirical as well as theoretically grounded research.

The section has been allocated 8 panel slots. The deadline for Panel proposals is 5 October 2012.

More information see the ECPR's Conference website.